Safety Tips


Simplystall is a platform on which anyone can sell and buy items in a secure way. At Simplystall, we take the security of our people very seriously and we make sure that our platform provides a safe marketplace for everyone. However, despite of our safety measures, there may still be some unfortunate circumstances that you may face but don’t worry. Below are some of our best tips to ensure that you have an amazing experience on Simplystall.

What you need to know in general:

·         Get information about Simplystaller

Make sure that you read enough about the buyer before getting into any deal. Its important that you read the feedback of previous customers on buyer’s profile. If everything looks good, you can continue with your purchase but if you feel there is something wrong, don’t buy.

·         We are currently dealing locally

Simplystall is currently dealing in Australia only. That means people from another country cannot buy or sell anything on Simplystall. Be aware if someone is selling their items from another country. We don’t recommend you to buy it because of the shipping costs and other complex requirements. 

·         Do your due diligence before buying anything

Never buy anything in rush. If you feel something is fishy about the buyer or the products he is offering, stop there. Ask as many questions as you want until you are completely satisfied with the product before you decide to buy it.

·         Never deal outside of the Simplystall platform

When you are dealing inside the Simplystall platform, all your transactions and conversation is kept with us. That means, you can go back to your profile and retain any information you like. To ensure the safety from both buyer’s and seller’s end, it is recommended to never communicate outside the Simplystall platform.

·         In case of any issue, contact us immediately

If you still face any issue despite of all the necessary measures, contact us immediately. We’ll try our best to help you out as soon as we can.


When meeting the Buyer through Simplystall:

·         Carefully check the item before buying

The main advantage of meeting the buyer is that, you can check the product before taking it. Make sure that the product is in good condition and it is exact same as shown in the picture.

·         Avoid carrying too much cash with you

You should always be on safe side when meeting a buyer in person. Make sure that you don’t carry too much cash with you. Yes, you are going to buy a product but you don’t know buyer personally. That’s why, you need to be careful.

·         Try meeting in public places

You are going to meet a stranger for the first time. In order to be safe, make sure to meet in public place to avoid any unfortunate circumstance. If possible, you can also bring along someone with you when meeting your buyer.


Using payment methods and delivering goods:

·         Check if the payment is received

If somebody sends you payment through stripe or paypal, make sure that you received it by checking your account. Don’t just reply on the payment transfer notifications.

·         Always use secure payment methods

Always use the trusted payment methods such as Stripe or Paypal. This will ensure that payment is successfully credited.

·         Use tracked postage service

Tracked postage is best option to make sure that the order has been delivered to the customer. It will also help your customers in knowing about the delivery time of their product.



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